2008-02-18 - Deathgate Arkanum - Stillhallen - CD - AFP 001
3 years after Deathgate Arkanum`s great and long time sold out debut album “Totenwerke”, they are back with their long awaited new opus “Stillhallen”. Deathgate Arkanum stands for creativity, individualism, consequence without any compromise and evolution without standstill. “Stillhallen” is full of dark emotion, your flesh will begin to creep. To say it short: a real Masterpiece!!

1. Monochrome Grey 08:33
2. In stillen Hallen 06:06
3. Reisefragmente 06:11
4. Stilles Hallen 04:23
5. An den Nebelhängen 04:02
6. Mir ward als würd' ich leben 05:09
7. ...up to the isles 05:56

2009-09-28 - Tha-Norr - Wolfenzeitalter - DLP - AFP 002
Originally released by Nazgul’s Eyre Productions in 1995, this album became one of the best german BM releases from the mid 90ies. The vinylversion comes in a completely new layout and is limited to 500 handnumbered copies. All copies include a square poster of the cover motive and the first 100 also include an embroidered patch (black logo on white background).

1. tears for all those who died
2. calling forth the spirits of the elements
3. sathanas, triumphator!
4. assault on aerie
5. bowels of my beloved earth
6. wolfenzeitalter
7. the fortress will fall
8. weltschmerz
9. tyrant of a new aeon
10. fegefeuer

2010-06-30 - ESSENZ - Metaphysis - LP - AFP 003
Gatefold 12" LP + A2 Poster
Be Prepared For IV Interrelated Rituals, Which Shall Provoke The Depth Of Your Unknown Spirits And Lead Them To Cathartic Salvation.
Visual Illusion By T. Of Drowned/Necros Christos.
Transformed Into A 350g Gatefold Jacket With Full Colored Print And A2 Full Colored Poster.
Released In Cooperation With Iron Bonehead Productions.
Limited To 500 Copies On Black Fucking Vinyl!!!

1. Ufer - Entwurzeln
2. Rausch - Erheben
3. Essenz - Erfassen
4. Untergang - Zerfallen

2010-04-26 - SAD - A Curse in Disguise - LP - AFP 004
Their debut album finally on vinyl! The greek duo SAD plays unholy pessimistic Black Metal in the vein of mighty PRIMIGENIUM, just raw and hateful with distinctive vocals. The album is coming on black vinyl with printed innersleeve, both, the cover and the innersleeve, are printed on heavy inside-out cardboard and is limited to 500 copies.

1. Forgotten Existence
2. Chaos Returns
3. Beyond the Great Suffering
4. Afterdeath Punishment
5. Silent Night, Pagan Night
6. True Evil Lies in the Hearts of the Children
7. Alone I Walk the Dark Paths
8. Death Be My Redeemer

2010-07-28 - ESSENZ - KVIITIIVZ - Beschwörung des Unaussprechlichen - CD + DLP - AFP 005
"ESSENZ likes to paint a hole in your heart. The feeling which creeps into your eyes, ears and mouth... upon your neck. Transcend this feeling into meditation. Let KVIITIIVZ surround you and... grow. The great calling of the unseen. Below, above and arround us. Right now and forever.
III. SOPHIA (intermediate)
VI. QUAE TRANS (intermediate)


VIII. SILENZIUM 4'33 (Tribute to John Cage)
IX. MOON (Cover ov Mayhem)

2011-01-20 - Öde - Schimmenwoud - LP - AFP 006
Obscure Black Metal from Holland. Black Metal with that old scandinavian feeling to it. Piercing vocal performance and dedication to the Black flame that once more is burning strong. Öde is not a project that is taking its first step into the Black Metal realm, this project has been lurking deep underground for a long time and this debut full-lengther will give you a taste of what the Dutch Black Metal underground has to offer to this date. The Lp comes in a noble 350g inside-out cover and thick printed cardboard innersleeve. The vinyl is limited to 500 copies and is a co-release between Amor Fati Productions and Heidens Hart.

1. Tot de Leegte Wederkeren
2. Schimmendans
3. Hetgeen Wat Niet Had Moeten Zijn
4. Ik Verafschuw Hen
5. Door Donkere Wouden
6. Dood

2011-06-16 - Satan's Propaganda - Rock for Satan - CD + LP - AFP 007
"You need help how to rape a nun seriously?"
"Instructions for sodomizing?"
"A reason to fill your veins with more beer as normal?"


This is Satan´s Propaganda!
10 SatanicThrash/Black´n`Roll hyms signed by the Lord himself.
Incl. Rock for Satan, Satanized by Satan, Horned´n` Horny and Rock the Nun until you cum!!!

Be satanized!!!
Be sodomized!!!
Don´t drink and pray!!!

Support The LORD!

1. Tortured by Hellfire
2. Goatbeachmassacre
3. Christobserver
4. Written in Goatsemen
5. Rock for Satan
6. Satan's Propaganda
7. The Bastard Song
8. Satanized by Satan
9. Rock the Nun until you cum
10. Horned 'n' Horny

2011-11-11 - OMITIR - Cotard - CD - AFP 008
"The concept of this work is to interpret the development of Cotard disorder in different phases. Notions of unreality of existence, a belief can be a sensitive post-death imagery that leads to those who suffer, to a constant denial of life and adepletion sentimental, emotional and intellectual. The focus centers on thedecomposition of own personality that manifests itself through psycho-physiologically acts and speeches often complex and abstract for those who suffer. The music has a sound level of Black Metal with some elements like Dark Ambient, Experimental and rhythmic jazz musings in certain situations."

1 - Fase I - Foco abrutpo
2 - Fase II - Dor submersa
3 - Fase III - Poço
4 - Fase IV - O Dramaturgo
5 - Fase V - Perda
6 - Fase VI - Em vidro
7 - Fase VII - "Belle indiference"

2011-12-19 - Deathgate Arkanum - Seelen - LP - AFP 009
For more than a decade Deathgate Arkanum has served as the medium for sole member S. to transmit and perpetuate his deep-minded vision of cold and atmospheric Black Metal through several demo tapes and split contributions as well as two full-length albums. Driven with unbound creativity and fueled by strong individualism, Deathgate Arkanum showed a perseverant evolution towards more complex soundscapes of surreal negativity and ulterior mystic ambience. Nevertheless a keen sense for the pristine dark harshness of traditional Black Metal pervades all those recordings. With “Seelen” Deathgate Arkanum has created four new tracks of unequalled grandeur. Those tracks transcend the listener beyond the shallowness of present existence into an emotional void beyond common human perception. “Seelen” will drag mind and soul on an aural journey through moribund sorrow and utter darkness towards the burning aether.

Released on clear vinyl in a gatefold cover with spot-lacquered layout. Issued in 500 copies through the collaboration of Amor Fati Productions and None Shall Defy Records.

1. Tremor I
2. Tremor II
3. Tremor III
4. Tremor IV

2012-01-27 - Essenz - Metaphysis

2012-01-18 - Doombringer - Sevenfold Pestilence - EP - AFP 010
After two promising demo tapes polish Death Metal maniacs Doombringer return with two brand new tracks banned on the EP "Sevenfold Pestilence". They deliver a more mature , but yet crushing style of Death Metal compared to the demos, with a slight greek touch. Unholy Death Metal Inferno at its best!

1. Seven Evil Spirits
2. Summoning Dead Mysteries

2012-02-22 - Evilfeast - Wintermoon Enchantment - DLP - AFP 011
A timeless Masterpiece of true epic grandeur. Majestic Black Metal Atmospheres and Haunted Ambience on the 4th full length album. Penetrating eerie synths and grim guitars with outbursts of fury. The lurking spirit of ancient times is here again enchanted by the Wintermoon which trembles Over the Eastern Mazovian Woods…

1. Intro: Open the Mysteries from Beyond
2. Fullmoon over the Eastern Woods
3. Tradition - Heritage - Destiny
4. The Wind & the Old Willows
5. Interlude: Passing the Meadows in Woe
6. Wolves of Hyperborean Frost
7. Summoning the Splendour Once Fallen
8. Outro: Descent into the Starlit Spheres

2012-08-18 - Necroblood - The Rite of Evil - CD - AFP 012
This CD is a compilation CD featuring both Necroblood's long sold out demo "The Rite of Evil" and their 7'' EP released on Spikekult in 2011.
The tracks of the demo were remixed and the vocals were re-recorded so they can fit better to what the band has been doing both in studio and on stage with the current line-up.
Expect 8 tracks of bestial and primitive Black/Death in the vein of Archgoat, Teitanblood, Von etc.

1. The Rite of Evil
2. Black Cult Slaughter
3. Goat Celebration
4. Operation Gommorah
5. (We are) Conqueror and Destroyer
6. Satanic Blood (Von Cover)
7. Necroblood Ceremony
8. Goat Cult Command

2013-09-27 - Satan's Propaganda - Frequency 666 - EP - AFP 013
Brand new EP with exclusive tracks, limited to 300 copies!

1. Frequency 666 04:19
2. Satan's Soldiers 02:40
3. Sluts'n'Guts 03:29
4. I Call the Beast 03:42

2013-10-30 - Goat Torment - Dominande Tenebrae - LP + CD + Tape - AFP 014
After the Split EP with The Beast and "Into the Mouth of the Serent" EP Goat Torment's Debut Album "Dominande Tenebrae" is now finaly unleashed by Amor Fati Productions.
Expect 9 sinister hymns of crushing Black/Death Darkness.

Available as Digi-CD, Gatefold-LP and pro-manufactured tape

1. My Hands Reach Out 03:06
2. Titan Fire 03:39
3. Dominande Tenebrae 03:57
4. Onwards to Judecca 06:48
5. Abusing the Weak 01:57
6. Angelwhore Dominator 02:55
7. King of Locusts 04:16
8. Invoking the Dark Gods 02:12
9. Bestial Command 05:59

2013-09-20 - Desir de Mourir - Incure the Wrath of Silence - CD - AFP 015
Desir de mourir's first opus "incure the wrath of silence" CD version available via AMOR FATI PROD. now!
All tape editions released by Karge Welten Kunstverlag are sold since months.
Dark raging black metal.
Cold and misanthrophic art that unsettles the ones who sink into the atmosphere of this ambient black metal masterpiece!
Early burzum meets usbm with classic dsbm vibe.
Desir de mourir claims the downfall of everything!!

1. Intro 02:31
2. The Oath 08:03
3. Circle of Misery 07:00
4. My Last Words 06:05
5. Moment of Truth 06:57
6. Dark Conspiracy 05:57
7. Disunion 11:09
8. Outro

2013-04-02 - Anti/Mosaic - Landscapes - EP - AFP 016
Illustration by Pascal Hauer (worked for Lantlôs, Vargnatt and others).
Concept and Post-Execution by Inkantator Koura.

MOSAIC is the solo-project of Inkantator Koura (Alchemyst, Seremoni).
He is supported by Wiedergaenger (Total Negation, Nachts, Auvandril) on Session-Drums and Stephan Löscher (mastermind behind FJOERGYN) who creates the interlude for the split track.

ANTI is a project of Anti (Ex-Darkestrah) on strings, A.Krieg (Eternity, Darkmoon Warriors) on vocals and Zahgurim (Ex-Bethlehem) on Drums - creating dismal black metal at its best.

- 300g gatefold cover
- uncoated (matte) paper
- limited to 500 copies

Side A
1. Mosaic - Stellar Landscape 07:58

Side B
2. Anti - Landscape in Minor

2013-11-04 - Heimdalls Wacht - Ekte Westfäölske Svatte Metal - DLP - AFP 017
From the very heart of old Westphalen - from the darkests forests, the most desolate tunnels and buried pits, the most remote holes and ruins arose a black manifest against the Zeitgeist...
Hymns and sounds, that reveal what lurks beneath the seemingly orderly surface - harmonies of oblivion - voices of unreason - memories of long supressed feelings...
A cry against the mechanisms of modernity! Diverse, pagan black metal with varied influences as an emotional farewell for that which once was - and never will be again...

1. Seelenkrieg 01:09
2. Ekte Westfäölske Svatte Metal 04:19
3. Unsiälige Kiär 06:02
4. Ich bin der Widersacher 06:25
5. Geheimbund 04:52
6. Der verschüttete Grubenmann 03:45
7. Tiwaz - entflammt 04:50
8. Die Formulierung des Unformulierten 01:41
9. Das Martyrium 05:00
10. Ein Ächzen im verlassenen Stollen 06:40
11. Exil 05:05
12. Alles ist grau 09:11
13. Outro 01:52
14. Open Wide (Unleashed cover) 02:58

2014-02-03 - Evilfeast - Lost Horizons of Wisdom - DLP - AFP 018
Third output of Evilfeast finally out on vinyl.
All copies come with logo patch and the release is limited to 500 handnumbered copies!

- 350g gloss-laminated Gatefold Jacket
- 140g Black Vinyl
- Limited to 500 handnumbered copies
- Logo Patch

1. Algol's Northern Lights 11:42
2. Grim Spirit, the Forest Wanderer 11:05
3. Cages of Cold Despondency 13:11
4. My Tower Among the Timeless Mountains 19:51
5. Lost Horizons of Wisdom 14:10

2013-07-29 - Kill - Burning Blood - LP - AFP 019
Awaited new album of this Swedish Black Metal band. A return to their most pestilent and raw round.
When Satan calls there is no return!

- 350g gatefold cover
- 8-page booklet
- 400x copies on black and 100x copies on gold vinyl

1. Veni Satana 04:42
2. Burning Blood 03:23
3. Nails Of Cursed Steel 05:29
4. Beckoning Grave 04:40
5. Kill 05:49
6. Desecration Temple 06:40
7. Holocaust Fires 05:40
8. Poison Chalice

- Nawaharjan - Into the void - LP - AFP 020

1. The Gate (Intro) 03:47
2. The Speak... 06:41
3. Purification of the Nine Worlds 05:50
4. Throne of Thorns 07:49
5. Into the Void 05:21
6. Void 11:25
7. Black Spell of Destruction (Burzum cover) 07:03

2014-04-15 - MOSAIC - Old Man's Wynter - CD - AFP 021
Divided in 2 chapters and 6 songs, "OLD MANs WYNTAR" is a conceptual album themed around the different sides of Winter, with lyrics openly inspired by the German poet Georg Trakl carefully re-written and re-composed and paired with lines of the mastermind IK.
Available as CD incl. 12-page booklet.

1. Incipit: Geherre 05:02
2. Onset of Wyntar 12:49
3. Im Winter 02:30
4. Snowscape 03:21
5. White Gloom 11:28
6. Black Glimmer 08:52

- Mosaic - Old Man's Wynter - Shirt -
Available sizes S-L
Front- and Backprint

- Live Eclipse - # 8 - Magazine - AFP040
174 german written pages!

Interviews with:

The Ruins of Beverast
Dusze Wypuscil

+ german label special and tons of reviews & some short stories

This limited version also contains an exclusive Mosaic tape (Harvest/The Waterhorse) and a sticker!!!

- Satanize - Eterna Punição - MCD - AFP022

1. Through the Path of the Black Horde 05:49
2. Crossing Darkness Until Death 04:02
3. Extermination 05:13
4. Eterna Punição 03:46

2014-05-03 - LVTHN - Adversarialism - EP - AFP 023
The highly acclaimed debut demo of LVTHN out now as nice 7''.

Limited to 500 copies and released in cooperation between Amor Fati Productions, Fallen Empire and Ordo MCM

Side A - Side Lilith
1. The Poisonous Serpent 06:32
Side B - Side Lucifer
2. Opposed by the Nameless 05:10

2014-08-22 - Mystruin - Gånget äro ljuset - LP - AFP 024
Bizarre Aesthetics and musical blackness. Vinyl version released by Amor Fati Productions under license of Lamech Records.

180 g heavy black vinyl, limited to 500x copies + 12-page booklet!

1. Gemenhetens flamma 04:11
2. Dysterhetens gastar 03:24
3. Förkastelse av ljuset 07:02
4. Människosläktets förfall 09:06
5. Left to Be Devoured by the Night 11:13

2014-08-24 - Lvx Caelis - Mysteria Mystica Maxima XXIII - LP - AFP 025
'Mysteria Mystica Maxima XXIII' is the long-awaited follow-up to the band's demo, 'Nigredo - The Dead Head'. LvxCælis (‘The Light of Heaven’) will destroy the flock of the blind!

Gatefold version of the already sold out 'Mysteria Mystica Maxima 23' from 2012.

100x black-silver splatter heavy vinyls and 500x black heavy vinyl.

Deluxe gatefold version features:
-180g black vinyl
-350 g gatefold cover
-Inside flooded in black
-UV gloss varnish.
-Includes an A4 insert with lyrics.

1. Under the Nine Rays of Darkness 05:51
2. Summoning Ceremony 02:34
3. Ascending Through Eternal Fire 04:16
4. Heaven & Hell 04:58
5. Pvrificatio (Liberate Me!) 04:05
6. Mass for the Master (Interludium I) 04:07
7. Come Forth from the Abyss 06:01
8. Slaughtering of the Lamb 08:16
9. Cross Initiation (Interludium II) 02:06
10. I Have Seen the Light 08:11

2014-12-06 - Hetroertzen - Ain Soph Aur - Mediabook & Regular jewelcase CD - AFP 026
Hetroertzen’s brand new full length is finally out.
Includes a 24 page booklet with lyrics and artwork done by the band.

With special performances by Kark /Dødsengel and Edgar Kerval /Emme Ya.

1. Dealing with the Veil
2. Blood Royale
3. The Lifting of the Veil
4. Endless Light
5. Carrying the Forbidden Flame
6. Spirit Eater
7. Procession of the Silver Fire
8. Enter the Unknown
9. Of Tomb and Thirst
10. The Luminous One
11. The Rose and the Cross
12. Piercing the Veil

2014-12-06 - Lluvia/LVTHN - Illuminantes Tenebrae - EP - AFP027
Two cuts of hostility and contemplation. An admonition of what is to come in MMXV.

All copies come on translucent smoke haze vinyl and a two-sided insert.

1.Lluvia - Voluntad de ruina
2. LVTHN - Nihill

2014-12-24 - Kill - The Death Rape - EP - AFP028
Two exclusive tracks from this well known swedish bastards. Black vinyl, limited to 500 copies!

1. Imperator
2. Death Rape

2014-12-06 - LVTHN - The Grand Uncreation - MCD - AFP029
"The outset and intent of our vessel has been accumulated in the release of 'The Grand Uncreation' MCD. The first expressions and an additional testimonial are compiled to present a glance into what LVTHN is and what it will become. 'The Grand Uncreation' is made possible by Amor Fati Productions and Ordo MCM, and is visually presented by Brianvdp. Gratitude goes out to the mighty KTHRSS for the permission to release our testimony." The CD comes in a thick noble digipack!

1. The Poisonous Serpent
2. Opposed by the Nameless
3. Nihill
4. 666 (Katharsis cover)

2014-11-20 - Hetroertzen - Exalaltation of Wisdom - CD - AFP030
After 4 years since its official release on LP and Digipak CD, Hetroertzen’s highly acclaimed full length is now available on jewelcase CD.
Comes with a 24 page booklet with lyrics and artwork made by the band.

Released by Lamech Records & Amor Fati Productions.

1. Incinerating Illumination
2. Like the Serpent
3. Perpetual Eclipse Stigmata
4. The Final Breath of Mankind
5. Mystery of the Fallen
6. Light beyond the obscure
7. The White Priestcraft

2015-01-13 - Midnight Odyssey - Firmament - DLP - AFP031
- heavy marbled (black/blue) or black vinyl (180g)
-350g full colour gatefold cover with gloss lamination
-5mm spine
-all assembly in a PVC overbag

1. From Forest to Firmament
2. Nocturnal Prey
3. Departing Flesh and Bone
4. A Host for Ghosts
5. As Dark and Ominous as Stormclouds
6. Salvation Denied
7. Storms of Fire and Ice
8. From Firmament to Forest
9. Beyond the Eighth Sphere

2015-07-20 - Goat Torment - Sermons to Death - CD/LP - AFP035
The highly anticipated second album out now on 8-panel Digi CD.

1. Opening the Gates 3:41
2. Bones Aligned 3:21
3. Rising Dominion 5:46
4. Hierarchy of Negligence 6:49
5. Within the Realm of Darkness 1:28
6. Defloration of the Holy Cunt 2:11
7. Death is Crowned 4:27
8. The Domineering Profane 3:58
9. Of Fire and Brimstone 7:12

2015-10-22 - Blasphemous Noise Torment - Reversed Cosmos - CD - AFP032

1. Rise of the Self Proclaimed God 06:27
2. Unleash the Horde 02:58
3. March of the Victorious Dead 04:41
4. Promethean Breed 06:01
5. Chaos Ouroboros 07:35
6. Instinct of Survival 03:14
7. Rebirth in Vehemence 05:04
8. Cyclic Reversion 05:23

2015-10-10 - Hermóðr - Krigstid - LP - AFP033

1. Krigaren 10:19
2. Stormen 08:19
3. Mitt hem 10:12
4. Krigstid 13:11

2015-10-10 - Lluvia - Eternidad Solemne - LP - AFP034

1. Abertura 01:42
2. Vientos de olvido 09:11
3. Rito de melancolia 02:09
4. Eternidad solemne 07:11
5. Enterramiento en la lluvia 05:02
6. Hogando la luz 08:33
7. Divinidad 08:36
8. Clausura 02:10

- Orcivus/Excessum - The Hidden God - EP - AFP036
Lamech Records and Amor Fati Productions proudly present: After spending the last ten and five years, respectively, in the death-like silence of their hollow graves, Swedish black metal bands EXCESSUM and ORCIVUS join forces to release a collaborative split 7” EP with Lamech Records and Amor Fati Productions. The two tracks are conceptually bound together and built around ideas influenced by modern magick and Western esotericism. More specifically, they set out to explore the Higher Self, as the Son, and the Hidden God, the Sun behind the Son.

1. Orcivus - A Spark of the Sun 04:32

2. Excessum - Death and Initiation 04:26

- Endlichkeit - Teile I - VIII - CD - AFP037
Endlichkeit is an anti-progressive, isolationist black metal project. Its lo-fi music has grown from engaging with the traditional and the individual. Teile I-VIII has been compiled by Endlichkeit with the kind help of Amor Fati Productions (Germany), exclusively. The original tracks, coming from three singular tapes, have been slightly edited for a new master of the tracks included, solely for the purposes of a smooth CD listening experience. Teile I-VIII is the first retrospective of Endlichkeit and consists of compositions from MMXII to MMXIV. Id est the first three Endlichkeit volumes which were released separately as cassette tapes by Fallen Empire Records (USA). The fundamental message of Endlichkeit is set on the existential and ontological establishment of the authentic being-toward-death. The nature of Endlichkeit is ultimate solitary.

1. I 08:00
2. II 09:05
3. III 06:41
4. IV 07:06
5. V 07:45
6. VI 06:46
7. VII 07:30
8. VIII 07:14

- Saqra's Cult - Initiation to Forgotten Rites - Tape - AFP039

1. Uku Patcha 06:24
2. Possessed by Illapa 05:09

- Live Eclipse - # 8 - Magazine - AFP040

174 german written pages!

Interviews with:

The Ruins of Beverast
Dusze Wypuscil

+ german label special and tons of reviews & some short stories

This limited version also contains an exclusive Mosaic tape (Harvest/The Waterhorse) and a sticker!!!

- Lluvia - Prémonicion de guerra - CD - AFP041

1. Viento Helado 01:07
2. Sombras Imperiales 09:48
3. Tormenta del cielo sobre un campo de batalla 03:42
4. Dormin 03:39
5. Espada de bronce 04:43
6. La oscuridad doth dar la inmortalidad 10:40
7. Premonición de guerra 02:37
8. En medio del suelo ensangretado 10:04

- LVTHN - Eradication of Nescience - CD - AFP042


Recorded between July 2014 and March 2015, but delayed for numerous reasons, the debut album from Belgium's LVTHN is finally ready to be presented as an offering to The Nameless.



1. Into Death Reborn 05:09
2. Deus Alienus 04:37
3. Ecstatic Liberation 04:11
4. Ascension into the Palace of the Dark Gods 07:23
5. My Indignation 06:04
6. Radiant Wolf 06:21
7. Uncreation's Dance 05:28
8. Eradication of Nescience 03:44

- Serpents Lair - Circumambulating the Stillborn - Tape - AFP043
Debut album from Denmark's SERPENTS LAIR, expanding upon the groundwork laid forth on their superb 2014 demo with 7 tracks of dissonant, kaleidoscopic black metal.

1. Epipháneia 01:30
2. Epistemology of Death 09:22
3. Circumambulating the Stillborn 05:17
4. Mortui Vivos Docent 08:30
5. The Serpentine Gnosis 08:57
6. Dwelling on the Threshold to Tartarus 02:55
7. Devouring Wrathe 07:04

- Häxenzijrkell - Demo I - Tape - AFP044

1. Lughnasadh 13:25

- Jassa - Lights in the Howling Wilderness - LP - AFP045
Not out yet!

1. When the Serpent Devours the Sun 02:13
2. Lights in the Howling Wilderness 05:32
3. Crescent Moon over Dark Water 09:01
4. The One Who Waits on the Other Side 09:34
5. Breath of the Most Ancient God 06:06
6. The Land of Endless Rains and Swamps 03:34

- Kill - Great Death - CD - AFP046
Kill deliver overpowering, decimating swaths of destructive, paranormal black/death — spine-shattering percussion melded with gales of abrasive riffing and phantasmagoric lead guitar emanations and capped by gruesome, cavernous roars and horrific wails and shrieks. The music is violent, chaotic, hallucinatory, disorienting, terrifying — and absolutely exhilarating.

1. Doom Oath 03:23
2. Totentanz 06:07
3. Wreath of Triumph 06:49
4. Conflagration 04:58
5. Fires of Famine 07:02
6. Great Death 08:18
7. Desolate Kingdom 05:45
8. Wormwood Descends 06:55

- Häxenzijrkell - Deas Lasters der Zauberey - MCD/MLP - AFP047

1. Des Lasters Der Zauberey 10:52
2. Canon Episcopi 11:06